European Bike Week 2005

Faaker See Austria

Caution: page includes erotic photos with nude girls & a guy; if you are
under 18, do not scroll down, ride on!









Photos by Ruedi & Fery

The Hamsters Rocked F**kerSee 2005! :)

With ca. 60'000 bikes & 100'000 people!
Parade: 30'000 bikes & megaaaaa long!!!

Klare Köpfe! Coole Fotos! Super Rides!
Labertaler Heil- und Mineralquellen sei Dank!

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More photos arriving soon...

Come Party Biker Style!

European Hamsters Party
at Le Cactus Music-Bar
Friday December 2, 2005
Rock DJs • Hot Shows • Snacks

Rock & Roar on! :)